G-ear is a hearing aid with the appearance and characteristics of sports earphones. The set was born to facilitate the devices' daily maintenance and ensure that the user shows it instead of hiding it. The is composed of three elements: a daytime hearing aid and a night one, and a charging and sanitizing station.
Allow the user to hear during both day and night is one of the necessities that emerged from the user's analysis, due to that two devices were necessary. They both use bone conduction to transmit the signals to the internal ear, and they communicate together thanks to the BLE technology.
The night device is small to make it comfortable during the night when the daytime one is charging and sanitizing in the case. When you have the night gear on, the daily one will capture the signal and send it to the one you are wearing.
The daytime device is the real ear of the set. It can listen in all the different situations thanks to the four programs already installed. The ability to hear in the water is essential to have a normal life; this is possible thanks to the microphone's waterproof membrane.
The case acts as a sanitizing and charging station. The two devices can be sanitized by UVC light and charge by induction. These two functions reduce the time of maintenance that, with the actual machines, it takes hours.
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