In a period characterized by mass production and the growth of e-commerce, Pike is born as a piker solution that works from medium to big warehouses that have a horizontal distribution.
An innovative rear-steered pedal-assist bike, agile and compact, suitable for tight spaces. A specialized cargo
e-bike, a workmate who helps and facilitates the piker both in travel and minimizing errors. 
Stand up bike render
A stand-up bike for both short and long routes can make the work safer, more comfortable, and faster.

Pike's new set-up use reduces the dimension and makes the vehicle more agile and easy to control.

To reduce errors during all the phases of the work, Pike has a series of feedback to assist the worker during sorting. All the work steps are essential to prevent errors; introducing a glove with feedback will help the user during all the job.
Group work: Daniele D'Agostino, Fabio Figoli, Marco Luigi Talpo, Samuele Sergio Fontana
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